Wean Green

This innovative brand have created food storage solutions with a difference. Wean Green products are made using specially crafted glass that is 5 times stronger than normal glass, and it is infinitely recyclable. They feature bright, colourful lids and are very durable, so kids can use them without them breaking, even if they get dropped. Ideal for lunch boxes and snacks, they come in a variety of sizes and are safe to use in the dishwasher, microwave and freezer. Not only is Wean Green’s glass good for the environment, it is chemical free so you can be confident that you are putting your family’s health first. 

Other Wean Green products
MEAL BOWL - 720ml

Wean Green's Meal Bowls tempered glass food containers

MEAL CUBE - 900ml

Wean Green's Meal Cubes tempered glass food containers


Wean Green's Lunch Bowls tempered glass food containers

WEAN TUBS - 150ml

Wean Green's Wean Tubs tempered glass food containers


Wean Green's Snack Cubes tempered glass food containers